C language ​

C Programming

  • Introduction to C Programming Language
  • History of C Programming
  • Feature of C Programming

Basic Structure of the C Program

  • Pre-Processor directive
  • Main function
  • Source Code
  • How to run a program in C
  • Hello world Program in C
  • Execution of Programs in C

Basic Syntax of the C Program

  • Tokens in C Programming
  • Keyword in C Programming
  • Identifiers in C Programming
  • Whitespaces in C Programming
  • Format Specifiers in C Programming
  • Escape Sequence Character in C Programming

Comments in C Programming

  • Single-line Comment
  • Multi-line Comment

Variable, Data Types & Constants in C Programming

  • How to Insert a Variable
  • Primitive data types
  • Derived data types
  • User-defined data types
  • Integer Constants
  • Real constants
  • Character Constants
  • String Constants

Operators in C Programming

  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Relational Operators
  • Conditional Operators
  • Logical Operators

Conditional Statements in C Programming

  • if Statement
  • if-Else Statement
  • Nested If-else Statement
  • Nested else-if Statement

Other Statements in C Programming

  • Switch Case Statement in C Programming
  • Nested Switch Statement
  • Go to Statement in C Programming
  • Continue Statement in C Programming
  • break Statement in C Programming

Loops in C Programming

  • What is Loop in C?
  • Types of Loops in C
  • While Loop in C
  • Do-While loop in C
  • For loop in C

Arrays in C Programming

  • Introduction to Array
  • Initialization of an array
  • One-dimensional Array
  • Two-dimensional Array
  • Multi-dimensional Array

Structure & Union in C Programming

  • What is a structure
  • Define a structure
  • Initializing a Structure
  • Accessing structure parts
  • Structure as argument function
  • What is a union
  • Define a union
  • Initializing a union
  • Accessing union sections

Strings in C Programming

  • What is a String
  • How to declare & initialize a String in C
  • String Input/ Output
  • String Library
  • fputs & Puts functions in C Programming
  • Typecasting in C

Pointers in C Programming

  • What is Pointer
  • Initialization & declaration of Pointers
  • Types of Pointer (Null, Void & Wild)

Functions in C Programming

  • Library Vs. User-defined Functions
  • Function Declaration
  • Function definition
  • Function call
  • Function Arguments
  • Recursive Functions in C programming
  • Inline Functions in C programming

File I/O

  • Creation of a file
  • Opening a file
  • Reading a file
  • Writing to a file
  • Closing a file